Sunday, December 4, 2016

Services of Real Estate Agent


Real estate agents are very important in selling or buying your home or property. Customers are always seeking ways to save their money. The real estate agents take usually commission from their customers. Real estate agents plays very important role in buying or selling your home or other property. The first service of real estate agent is to buy or sell the property which is legally registered. A good real estate agent is certified by government. A good real estate agent provides you a high quality services relating to the property. A good real estate agent is a good negotiator to negotiate properly with their customers. Good real agents persuade you to sell or buy your property at good rates. It is always recommended for you to use brain to buy a property not by cash. The service of real estate agent is to act on behalf of buyers, tenants and owners to make the sale or lease of property. Real estate agents provide assistance for property and businesses for clients.

The other service of real estate agent is to negotiate about sale or leases of the property. The other main service of real estate agent is to manage rental houses and properties for their customers. If you want to hire a real estate agent ask him about how long you have been in business. Always choose a real estate agent which is honest and trustworthy, excellent negotiator, friendly, analytical, and communicator. Don't hire a real estate agent who is new in the business because experience agent will provide you a great assistance. The good real estate agent will tell you about its percentage of commission. He will not take hidden charges from you. The good real estate agent will respond you more quickly. The real estate agent will provide you complete information about your property. If you want to give your home on rent you can also contact with real estate agent. Real estate agent will work on your behalf. If you want to find the right real estate agent then you need to research properly because they are many real estate agents who are working but good ones are less.

Many real estate agents also provide you assistance on internet. They have websites you can call them and make deals. It is also better for you to visit and meet real estate agent face by face rather on phone or on internet. Good real estate agents always understand restrictive covenants. Good real estate is always up to date with marketing activities. A good real estate agent is work with buyers and clients prospect.A good real estate agent will always keep learning to learn new strategies about real estate marketing. A good real estate agent will always help you in good way. The complexity of a real estate transactions and large amount of cash involved are things that are important for home buyer and sellers. Always contact with legally registered real estate agent they will help you in excellent way.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

#RealEstate Leads


Are you a new Realtor wondering where to start? Don't know how to get ahead? Even if you are inexperienced, if you start off on the right foot with the proper tools and 'know how', you can kick your career into overdrive and leave you competition behind you

It's no surprise that over 90% of Buyers and Sellers are now starting their searches online. With these high percentages, it's common knowledge that Realtors must have an online marketing strategy to obtain leads and convert them into sales.

I hope these 4 Tips For Realtors will help lead you in the right direction:

Market Research - for a Realtor this is an easier task - you know your product. However, you must think of a way to distinguish your product from the competition. This industry is very saturated, and if you don't stand out you are bound to be average, or out of business. So think of your target market, get specific. Realtors now specialize in areas, sub-areas, type of dwelling etc. For example to survive in the Manhattan market, to really stand out you have to brand yourself. If you were really creative you might brand yourself in a certain area (Greenwich Village), and even more you might be a loft specialist. When any Buyer or Seller is thinking of buying or selling in Greenwich Village you want to be one of the first people that comes to mind, especially when dealing with a loft - you are the authority on the subject. So online, you need to come up with key phrases that target this niche, so when a Buyer or Seller (90% of them) is searching online, your website is at the top of the list!

Product Development - you need a product that will lead to traffic coming to your site, and ultimately converting that traffic into a lead, then a deal. Of course many Realtors have blogs and personal websites which are great for personal branding and web presence, but is your name or your company's name usually typed into a search engine? Most of the time the answer is no. For example, if I want to buy a loft condo in Greenwich Village unless I already have a Realtor (we are not looking for these people) I would type in "Greenwich Village Lofts" or something like this. So to capture the potential clients we are looking for, we need to have that key phrase (our niche) to be a prominent result in search engines. It is the phrase not your name, or your companies name that will produce results.

Traffic - Now for your marketing skills. Being a Realtor, you MUST have lots of traffic or you are doomed. Niche marketing is the most effective and efficient tool for Realtors marketing online. Having niche targeted websites is becoming the future of online marketing for Realtors! Personal branded sites are important but you also need a website that gets top page rankings for Buyers, and another website that gets top page ranking for Sellers. To get this, you need websites that are Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and tailored to your target market.

Conversion - this is what truly matters. All of the traffic in the world means nothing unless you can convert. After some Realtors obtain an online lead, they will offer a free Buyer's or Seller's eBook as a way to introduce themselves. When you have reached this point, it's time to do your job as a Real Estate Professional and provide them with your expertise.

I hope you found this article helpful and wish you all the best in your Real Estate Career.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Buying a Home Can Be Made Easier with the Right #RealEstate Agent


A Telluride real estate agent or an agent elsewhere is the person to call when looking for good service in home buying. He shall be your real estate professional guide who shall point you to the right direction in your search for your dream home. If you are dead set in finding your dream home, you have to get the services of a competent real estate agent who is equipped with skills and expertise in the field of Telluride Colorado real estate or any other city that you are considering. When you are choosing your real estate agent, it is essential that you get someone whom you can trust and relied upon. It is important that you are comfortable working with your real estate agent and if for any reason you seem to find your relationship a bit tight, then the best thing to do is invest in a new real estate agent.

Do not pick the first real estate agent that catches your attention. The selection process must be a time of thought and consideration. You should assemble a substantial list of agents and chose from that. Consult relatives and friends as they might give your valuable advice in your search for the ideal real estate agent. It is important that you confident in your decision so that your process of home searching isn't affected. This can only be done if you get the services of a competent real estate agent who can guide you in making the right decisions.

Here are some key points to remember when searching for the right real estate agent.

1. Your real estate agent must have a good and proven reputation as trustworthy and reliable real estate professional. It is advantageous to your search to get feedback from former clients of the real estate agent.

2. A good real estate agent should adapt with your decisions and preferences. A professional real estate agent will listen to you input and keep your personal opinion in mind with regards to your home buying. It is that your real estate agent is informed of your requirements and expectations during your initial consultations. A capable and professional real estate agent is expected to provide you with alternative choices based on your needs and requirements and not what he thinks is right for you.

3. Only enlist in the services of a real estate agent who has extensive training and understanding about real estate and the real estate industry in general. The agent also needs to have a comprehensive understanding of what you are looking for. Some technical background of the real estate properties is also helpful so that he can give you valuable inputs about the advantages and disadvantages of the home properties that you become interested in purchasing.

4. Your real estate agent must be able to use the Internet so that they can provide professional service. Seriously consider real estate agents who provide online convenience and facility through his own Website. By doing so, you will have a very convenient way of transacting with your real estate agent through the internet, which makes a lot of things easier.

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Chuck R Stewart recently worked with a Telluride real estate agent and was thrilled with the selection of properties available. He is interested in purchasing some Telluride Colorado real estate

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Sell my house fast, here are some tips you should look before #sellingahouse


Selling a house and getting the right price for it in the market seems to be really tough for most of the individuals. There are many homeowners who get attached with their homes and hence, they feel it really difficult for themselves to transfer their home ownership to someone else. If you are also willing to sell your home and you are looking for some potential buyers or appropriate options like buy my house, and then you simply need to research the market carefully and locate your options accordingly. There are many important facts, tips and guidelines that you need to follow in order to sell your house quickly and obtain the deserving price for it. The most embarrassing situation for most of the homeowners arise when they fail to locate some potential buyers for their real estate property or they fail to sell their homes at the right prices. If you are also looking out for options like how to sell your house, then you need to read all the points that are discussed below.

Pricing it too high - It is one of the most common mistakes made by the homeowners wanting to sell their house. It is important to understand that a steep price tag would take you nowhere. In fact, most buyers would not even consider it as a potential option, due to its "too high" price. So, before you put your house in the market for sale, determine a right selling price by taking into account factors, like market movement, demand, comparable sales etc. In addition, also keep in mind the condition and location of your property, as these factors would apparently affect the price of your house. Over pricing the home can sometimes invite low-ball offers that upset the sellers.

Bad marketing - Poor advertising can also wreck the likelihood of a quick sale. If you are low on budget, then use free facilities that internet offers. There are a lot of websites operating on the internet, which allow homeowners to list, as well as include pictures of their property. You can take advantage of these websites by uploading attractive photographs of the front, interior and exterior of your house. You can also search for options like we buy houses or buy my house.

Inexperience - If you are selling a house for the first time, then it is advisable to look for an experienced real estate agent, because being a first timer you are most likely to run into many costly mistakes. Thus, it is good to have someone experienced by your side, who can capably achieve the desired results. However, make sure to choose a qualified realtor after thorough research about his track record and reputation in the market.

Make sure that you avoid all these mistakes in order to complete your home sale successfully in the target market.

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Waiting to #BuyaHouse?


Are you waiting to buy a house? Maybe it's your first property, or maybe you've been renting and are judging when to buy. Here we look at what you need to consider when choosing when to buy.

Property prices fell by just 0.4% in November 2008 compared to 1.3% in October which makes an annual fall of 13.9%. Having waited for one year you have saved thousands of pounds. If you wait you could save yourself thousands more, possibly...or could you then miss out? Is the small fall a sign that the property market is beginning to bottom out?

The factors for a property price are a simple jigsaw: Supply + Demand + Mortgage

So let's look at all of them in turn:

Supply: At the moment, there is plenty of supply. Houses are staying on the market for months. New developments are particularly in supply as possible new sellers are staying out of the market where possible.

Demand: There is not much demand because property prices are falling. A recession is almost here and unemployment is going to rise. Moving and buying property is expensive.

Mortgage: This is the giant and the reason why property prices have risen so much in recent years and subsequently fallen. To secure a mortgage banks need to lend to each other. As banks have massively shrunk their lending, mortgages are now much harder to secure - mortgages are being approved at less that half of last year's level. Without a mortgage most people can't buy a house. Until this changes the lack of mortgages available and being approved will continue to feed the low demand which will keep property prices down, and with a recession, higher unemployment and more repossessions, prices are likely to keep falling.

Affordability has of course improved which will encourage some new buyers to look at the market. Many are still waiting to see how much further prices will fall.

However, it is worth looking at property and making preparations. You need to be ready. As soon as banks do start lending (and this may be forced on them by the government), prices will level for a while and then gradually start to climb. Looking at property also helps you to decide exactly what you want. And if you find your perfect home you may want to buy now rather than risk losing it. Remember if you want to buy now or buy soon, make a low offer.

If you are thinking of buying property you need to prepare:

Your finances need to be in order. What deposit do you expect to have?
How much do you want to spend on a mortgage? What mortgage can you get? Speak to a mortgage adviser or look online. How much do you want to spend on making your house your home? Be realistic - moving house and owning a home can be expensive.

Your employment needs to be secure. The economy is shrinking, and huge companies are failing. How safe is your job? What would you do if you lost your job? Do you have savings to fall back on? If not, you may want to consider keeping some of your deposit as an emergency fund.

Finally, look at property, revisit your figures and wish list and revise all preparations. You may only buy in a year's time but you may buy in 3 months time. The key is to keep researching and be prepared for your perfect - and well-priced - property.

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Susy Copus writes about all aspects of the property market. Her work has featured the UK Property Search Engine, Wheres My Property, Renovate Alerts who find property to renovate and Property Money Maker.
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Deciding Whether to Purchase an Existing #Home or Build a New One

By Chowdhury Shahid-Uz-Zaman

Looking for a new home is a daunting prospect. With so much time, energy and money wrapped up in a decision, accompanied with the notion that this place may one day be your home, close consideration is a must before beginning this journey. But one of the first and most important decisions you need to make before you begin is if you want to purchase an existing home or build a new one. There are a number of factors that go into making this decision. Below are a few major ideas to keep in mind as you start to decide which home-owner path is right for you.


One of the most immediate concerns regarding your future home is where that home may will be. Do you want to live out in the countryside or maybe you prefer the suburbs? This will help narrow down your home building and purchasing options. In the suburbs, it may be harder to find the space to build a new home but there will be more existing homes for sale. In the suburbs, there may be fewer open lots and you may have to find an older home to knock down in order to build a new residence. But if you're out in the countryside, it may be easier to find the space you want while the land prices may be more favorable for new construction. Knowing where you want to live can help determine what kind of home investment is right for you.


Another major factor to consider is how much time you have available before you need or want to move into your new home. Understandably, it can be a much faster process to purchase a pre-existing home than starting new construction. While searching for a home and negotiating terms of sale can be a complicated and lengthy process, it will likely still take less time than building a home from scratch. If however you have the time to wait for your new home, construction may be an option worth considering.


Obviously, the most important aspect to consider in home purchasing and construction is cost. Having a firm understanding of your budget and what types of mortgages or loans are available to you will help give you a clearer picture of what is financially possible. Typically, an existing home will be a cheaper option than new construction. While there are plenty of costs associated with buying a home such as the list price, realtor fees, inspections and repairs, it can still come out to less than new construction. Moreover, you know ahead of time how much money the house will cost you. With building a new home, prices can shift as construction moves forward. From permits to RT crane rental costs to weather-related delays, building a new home comes with a certain degree of financial uncertainty. However, new construction affords you with greater decision-making power and control over the specifics of your home.

Whether you are building a new home or purchasing an existing home, having a clear and realistic understanding of the process will help you make the decision that is right for your future.

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Questions to Ask When #SellingaHome

By Suzanne Arant-Wells

Whether you are downsizing, up sizing, or right-sizing, finding the right agent when selling a home is an important part of the process. Selling a home is probably the biggest financial transaction most people will ever engage in, and most people only sell a handful of homes throughout their entire lives. It is normal to have questions when selling a home. Make sure to ask the right ones when choosing a real estate agent.

Here are four questions to ask before choosing a listing agent:

How does your home's size and layout compare to others in the area? Make sure the agent understands and is familiar with your specific neighborhood and the surrounding community so that he can accurately provide comps which will help with pricing. A good agent will send a pre-listing packet with comps or arrive with reports in hand to show you comps in the area.

What does the agent think are the key selling points of your home? You may think the wallpaper or the vintage kitchen cabinets are awesome, but what does the real estate professional think will attract buyers? Allow prospective agents to tell you what features of your home will be marketed to attract buyers. The agent should know the market and what buyers want.

How many homes has the agent sold in the last 12 months? The objective of listing a home with a real estate agent is to get it sold as quickly as possible for the highest price with the least amount of hassle. This is where people make mistakes hiring friends or family. Not all real estate agents are created equally. Some sell a handful of homes a year, others sell hundreds. Look for an aggressive realtor with a great track record and support staff so your home is marketed effectively and sells quickly.

What is the agent's marketing strategy when selling a home? There is so much more to selling a home than putting a sign in the yard and listing it on the internet. What is the agent's marketing strategy? Will she aggressively market your home on social media, send out just listed cards, hold open houses, door-knock neighbors, or contact other agents asking about buyer needs? If the agent simply says, "We will put it online," she is not your gal.

Make sure you hire an aggressive real estate agent when selling a house. The longer a home sits on the market, the more questionable it becomes. Do it right the first time!

Suzanne Arant Wells is the Marketing Manager for the Reid Casey Team, Keller Williams in North Atlanta. She has 15 years of marketing experience and is known for her creative marketing techniques. Find more real estate resources at

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